For den lampegale

For den lampegale

På Pinterest kan det innimellom ligge en del stoff av interesse…


Lamper hos Pinterest

Er denne lampa med?

Scheise Rud

Burde i hvert fall være det….

Scheisse is a large pendant lamp. The lamp pays respect to the traditional incandescent light bulb, which with its warm light and good colour reflection, has given light to our households for so many years. The classic light bulb is one of man’s most important inventions. Unfortunately it is inefficient, which creates challenges in our threatened environment.
Scheisse is a blend of art and industrial design, an experiment of light and shadow, as well as positive and negative shapes. Scheisse creates a distinct shadow and sculpture within its environment. Wherever placed, Scheisse will hopefully stand out as a true icon for all light lovers.
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Hans Bleken Rud